The Problem:

Tom* had been dealing with cancer, developed complications and needed to be hospitalized. While in the hospital, Tom gave a third party a limited power of attorney. The third party began rearranging his life without regard to Tom’s wishes. They tried to change his living arrangements over his objections and those of his care-taker of many years. They removed important documents from his home and refused to return them.

The Outcome:

Elaine Amory from Legal Services of Central New York represented Tom with a revocation of the power of attorney and execution of a new power of attorney appointing his partner as his agent, and arranged for the return of his belongings. Tom also needed to address other legal issues. He had a pending Medicaid application and needed to address a spend down of his excess income. Tom was paying out of pocket for expensive prescriptions, and many medical bills were in collection. Elaine gathered and submitted his outstanding medical bills to be applied to his spend-down, then helped him enroll in a Pooled Trust to keep up his Medicaid coverage. She also assisted with getting certain medical bills pulled back from collection and submitted to Medicaid.  Tom completed a charity care application for earlier hospital bills. Elaine also assisted Tom with estate planning and other advance directives. He executed a will and appointed his partner as his agent to control the disposition of his remains.
Later, Tom's health declined and he passed away, after having achieved his wishes to be married and to spend his final days at home with his wife.

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