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Legislative and Administrative Advocacy

LSCNY can and does lobby at the state and local level on issues impacting our clients. A recent example is lobbying on local ordinances permitting municipalities to shut off tenant’s water where landlords fail to pay bills. The Advocacy Group can comment on proposed legislation and regulations without restriction. We have also joined coalitions to advocate for law changes in the state legislature.

Access to Justice

Access to Justice

New Yorkers have a right to counsel in criminal and many Family Court cases, but our system of assigning competent lawyers is broken in many of the counties we serve. County systems often operate under procedures that are designed to deny rather than facilitate representation. The Advocacy Group has effectively advocated on behalf of people who have been denied assigned representation in criminal and Family Court matters. If you have been denied counsel in a criminal or Family Court case, please contact The Advocacy Group.

Health Care

Access to Healthcare

Even though the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Healthcare Reform) was recently signed into law, people with limited means continue to experience difficulties in gaining access to healthcare and health services. The Advocacy Group is interested in reviewing cases involving access to healthcare, including any unintended consequences of the healthcare reform legislation.

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